FTL is a programme of study primarily for people who are currently teaching or for those who are looking to enter the teaching profession.  

It is an introductory programme that considers the three domains of being a teacher: professional knowledge and understanding;  professional practice; and professional values, relationships and engagement. Reflection, peer assessment and forum discussions are key aspects of the courses.  

Prof John MacBeath, Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge, UK, is the Programme Director.

To date, over 150,000 teachers worldwide have actively participated in these courses, with more than 18,000 courses completed.

"The courses enhanced my teaching capacity and ability. It has enabled me to improve on my teaching strategy from a teacher centered method to the learner centered strategy, where every learner has the opportunity to participate." Commonwealth Education Trust Mary Gertrude Egah, English Lecturer, College of Education Akwanga

FTL Courses

Commonwealth Education Trust

FTL 1:  Introduction

This introductory course considers the three domains of being a teacher: Professional Knowledge and Understanding; Professional Practice; and Professional Values, Relationships and Engagement.

Commonwealth Education Trust

FTL 2:  Being a Teacher

How teachers teach has its foundation in how they were taught and how they learned.  This course provides an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their own personal and professional development as a teacher.

Commonwealth Education Trust

FTL 3:  Learners and Learning

Teachers' work becomes meaningful when it is informed by research and theories of learning, and their relationship to actual practice.  This course provides an opportunity for teachers to identify and understand students' expectations and prior learning.

Commonwealth Education Trust

FTL 4:  Curriculum

Curriculum is a framework for guiding teaching and learning.  This course provides an opportunity for teachers to consider the relationship between the teacher, the learner and the curriculum.

Commonwealth Education Trust

FTL 5:  Planning for Teaching and Learning

This course helps teachers consider how to develop appropriate learning goals for individual and groups of students. Teachers learn how to plan learning activities to engage students in ways that will achieve these goals.

Commonwealth Education Trust

FTL 6:  Introduction to Student Assessment

There are various techniques which help to assess student learning. This course helps teachers to acquire the skills to develop and use appropriate assessment procedures.

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FTL 7:  Being a Professional

This course looks at what teachers can do to act professionally, including developing their own philosophy of teaching and making sure they continue to improve their knowledge and skills.  It also considers what it means to be part of a community of professionals.

FTL 8:  Developing Relationships

Positive relationships with students supports children's learning.  Positive relationships with colleagues and school leaders helps school improvement. This course helps teachers develop strong relationships with families and colleagues.

FTL Instructors

John Macbeath

Prof John MacBeath

University of Cambridge, UK

Dennis Francis

Dr Dennis Frances

University of the Free State, South Africa

George Oduro

Associate Professor George Oduro

University of Cape Coast, Ghana


Associate Professor Suseela Malakolunthu

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Judy Halbert

Dr Judy Halbert

Vancouver Island University, Canada


Dr Linda Kaser

Vancouver Island University, Canada


Associate Professor Gavin Brown

University of Auckland, New Zealand


Dr Peter Keegan

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Commonwealth Education Trust

Professor Stephen Dinham

University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr Ali Fawaz Sharif

Dr Fawaz Shareef

Villa College, Male, Maldives

Tony Townsend

Professor Tony Townsend

University of Tasmania/Griffith University, Australia

Commonwealth Education Trust

Dr Alex Alexandrou

Freelance Academic, UK

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