Teach2030 Launch in Zambia

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

The summer has been a busy and exciting month for CET, as in addition to visiting the Gwembe valley with the Colin B Glassco Foundation, we were thrilled to launch Teach2030 in schools with our first partner in Zambia, Bana Tandizo.

CET first visited Bana Tandizo schools in April this year, to gain an understanding of their infrastructure and setting, and to explore how Teach2030 could work. In July, our head of education Eleanor Sykes returned to support Bana Tandizo with the implementation of Teach2030 in two of their schools in Central Province, Chishawasha Primary School and Nyamba Primary School. Establishing strong partnerships is a key part of what we do to ensure Teach2030 works effectively, and we have felt very fortunate to work so closely with both Martha Munsaka and Anna Malandu, education advisors from Bana Tandizo. They have taken on the facilitator role and have shown complete commitment to the introduction of Teach2030 in the schools they support. In addition, they provided invaluable feedback on the digital training module they needed to do to ensure they were prepared for the implementation of the programme (we were delighted to hear that they felt prepared and informed, found the section on giving effective feedback helpful and loved the emphasis in all our courses on working with our peers).

Eleanor held a workshop with the head teachers and Teach2030 coaches from both Chishawasha and Nayamba schools on the 16th July. Both head teachers and coaches had also completed online training courses to enable them to support teachers in their schools. We worked together to establish reporting processes, vital to ensure coaches inform head teachers, who would then report on progress to the facilitators and our in-country partners. Teach2030 is like any good programme, it is continually evolving and improving, and feedback from our users (teachers, head teachers, coaches and partners) is the way we will keep our courses and programme relevant for all.

CET were delighted to donate enough folders to Chishawasha and Nayamba to help all teachers start their teacher portfolios – another key Teach2030 ingredient.

Teach2030 was officially launched with the teaching team from Nayamba on the 16th July and Chishawasha on the 18th. We were delighted to see the teachers’ energy and motivation – all teachers in both schools were present, and many had saved the Teach2030 link to their smartphones so they were ready to access the course. The launch wasn’t without its challenges, particularly with connectivity, however sharing hotspots and data meant that everyone was connected, completed the baseline survey and began their first Teach2030 course.

It was inspiring to see teachers discussing the course content as they started their Teach2030 journey – we believe we learn significantly from our peers, so all Teach2030 courses provide many opportunities to discuss key learning points, activities and reflections with a learning partner.

Teachers at Chishawasha with their brand new teacher portfolios after their first Teach2030 session. The Teach2030 coach Hope Chuindira even made a Learning Partner poster ready for the first meeting!

Eleanor also travelled to Natemwa school, three hours from Lusaka and a long way down an extremely rough and generally inaccessible road. CET are keen to explore how our courses can work offline, in the most remote of communities, with teachers who have no access to connectivity and little digital literacy.

We held a great workshop with the teaching team from Natemwa, who were focused and interested in Teach2030 – despite having no computer hardware in the school, nor did any teacher own a smartphone. In fact, most teachers expressed a real desire to learn how to access Teach2030 courses as they felt their digital skills were lacking, and they would like to develop both their digital and teaching competencies at the same time. We hope to be able to support them with an offline solution in the future.

Each and every time we visit schools supported by our partner organisations, we learn more about the teachers and schools we are trying to support. We are grateful to Bana Tandizo for the opportunity to bring Teach2030 to our first schools in Zambia, to help improve learning outcomes for the children they teach.

If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow