Kennedy, Abuja, Nigeria

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

My name is Kennedy and I am a teacher Abuja, Nigeria. I completed two courses: Learners and Learning and the Curriculum with the Commonwealth Education Trust programme on Coursera. We learned about engaging with students in the classroom using groups. I have particularly used the triad method of engaging with my students to allow the students more “air time” and to help involve the quieter students in classroom make contributions to topic in discussions.

The size of my class is usually large ranging between 80 to 90 and sometimes even more.I will group the class into three – the responding group, the listening group and the observer group.
I used the method at the start of a new topic and randomly select about five students from the responding group who will explain what they know about the topic as a way to identify their prior knowledge and experiences I pick another four students from the listening group to explain what they heard from the responding group. I then ask the observer group for comments, if the listening group have understood the responding group we progress.

As this activity is going on, I take down points to correct and elaborate further as the class progresses. At the end of the lesson, the students were happy to have tried something new and have asked me to adapt same style in next lesson. The whole class were more keen on what was being discussed when I used this method.
A higher number of students have demonstrated that they understood the topic as results showed in their continuous assessment test. I intend to continue to adopt this method in my practice, possibly with some little variations. It sure works for a large class.

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