A new partnership with Bana Tandizo, Zambia

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Working together

Rural community schools face many hurdles when it comes to teacher professional development, yet teachers are still keen to learn and improve their skills as they see the impact their learning can have on their pupils in the classroom.

Last month, Kat Thorne and Eleanor Sykes met the Ministry of Education, head teachers and teachers to discuss how to support teacher professional development. They held working sessions with these different stakeholders and presented their blended model of professional development, the Teach2030 programme, which enables schools to run ongoing continued professional development (CPD) independently whilst being supported by a local organisation. Contextualised for teachers working in hard to reach communities, the self-paced, micro courses combine theory, practical activities and the use of a teaching portfolio. The courses strengthen teachers’ foundational skills and they are encouraged to learn in pairs as well as independently.

After just a few minutes, the teachers were able to identify how the programme would help them to be even better teachers. In the short video below, Precious explores her thoughts on the importance for teachers to be challenged and to keep learning.


The Commonwealth Education Trust and Bana Tandizo are working collaboratively to test, develop and implement Teach2030 to community schools in Zambia.

Find out more about Bana Tandizo Zambia on their website.

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